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During DCT the music instruments are being placed in a chamber. The computer controlled process will start (= Time-Temperature-Curve). After 15 hours we can take out the instruments from the chamber. The process is completed.

Behandlung von Musikinstrumenten mit Tieftemperatur - Saxophon

In detail

The DCT is a thermal process which effects the complete material and not only the surface.

With our confidential process we slowly reduce the temperature down to -180°C – this takes a few hours. Afterwards the instruments will be heated up and cooled down again several times – all within the negative temperatures. This we call “multi stage treatment”. After several hours we slowly increase the temperature to slightly above room temperature – the process is finished.

Because of the computer controlled process we guarantee a precise and reproduce able process.

In addition our multi stage process is a complete environmental process, producing absolutely no waste.

One more issue:
The instruments will absolutely not get in contact with liquid Nitrogen; so a thermal shock is definitely impossible.

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