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Deep cryogenic treatment of audio components The deep cryogenic treatment of audio components will improve the quality of the cables, power plugs, vacuum tubes, etc. DCT treated cables (speaker or power cables) have an audibly better sound quality than untreated ones.

The cables can be treated on spools or as finished cables incl. plugs. No matter if they are made of copper or silver. Even foils have an improved quality after DCT.

customer testimonials

„… I have heard the cables how. Congratulations. It sounds a lot better in my opinion, both in the highs and the bass and in terms of purity a real plus…”

„… an astonishing result, which has convinced us …“

“… My first impression is that the high frequency range has become clearer and smoother. In this respect, the treatment was worth it…”

“… a significantly audible difference …”

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